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Frequent questions

How do I place an order?

You just have to enter the CATALOG section  and select the piece that you like the most, in some pieces, there are size and color options.  


Payment options and secure orders.


There are two ways to buy.

1. Months without interest.  


We work with PayPal and Mercado Pago to manage our collections, in such a way Nh Jewelry does not keep any bank information on your part for any reason, in this way your purchase is safe and said collection companies are responsible for mediating if any occurs. eventuality with the delivery of your product. This option  It will take you to a secure link with the SSL certificate of the payment portal that you have chosen  and after you enter your address and shipping information and have chosen the size and details of your piece,  A menu will be displayed for you to enter your credit card information, selection of months without interest (3,6,9,12 and  18 months if we have the promotion active). It is very important that you carefully review your data and that you provide us with a telephone number so that we can satisfactorily ship your product, FedEx asks us as a shipping requirement. In each purchase we will send a purchase confirmation email so that you are safe at all times.

The amount to be charged may be increased in some products,  since the prices that are displayed on the page already have a discount for being paid  cash, unless Nh Jewelry  put promotions, the cost to months without interest will not increase, but, normally there is an increase of 10 to 20% over the normal price.  

2. Payment of cash with credit card, debit or cash.


It is the most traditional way to buy in an online store, you click on the image and in the product details you add the pieces that you liked and when you finish you select the payment method. PayPal and MercadoPago have SSL certificates and the purchase is just as safe. When you have paid, your address and contact information will be requested so that we can send the product to your home.


If you want to pay  With cash, complete your purchase with Mercado Pago and select the "CASH" option, then a convenience store such as Oxxo or Seven Eleven or a bank branch of your choice will send you to a menu for selections, we have alliances with Santander, CitiBanamex, Bancomer , Banorte and Ixe. When you have selected the place to pay, an electronic guide will be generated with a reference number which you will use to pay for your product and once we register your payment, we will begin to manufacture your part. It is extremely important that you do not lose your proof of payment and / or send it to us at the email in case you need to make any clarification and we can follow up on it. There are occasions that in cities that are not; CDMX, GDL, MTY or Puebla, that this payment option may take up to 24 hours to register in our system when payments are made in Oxxo or Seven Eleven due to the internal cuts and / or internal systems of said stores and therefore we have to wait , we appreciate your patience.  

(Available only for the Mexican Republic)



Shipping is free for some products and forms of payment, however, we will display promotions so that it is as often as possible. The courier we use is Fedex® and the shipping time varies from 7 to 20  business days since many products are made in an artisanal way. When you buy with us, we understand that you are aware of the manufacturing and delivery times.  In case of loss or theft, you do not have to worry because all our merchandise is insured up to an amount of $ 13,000.00 MXN, in case what we send you is of a greater amount, you will be informed and an extra charge will be applied to insure and / or split the order into 2 or more packages so that this amount is not exceeded per shipment.  

Refunds and Returns


In case the sizes are wrong (by more than 2 or more numbers difference)  or  the product has any imperfect, a change of the merchandise will be made and Nh Jewelry will run  with the shipping costs, as long as it is verifiable that the damage was caused by the courier company or by Nh Jewelry, if the customer enters the information wrongly, the change will not be made unless the customer bears the shipping costs and cover  the price difference in case of requiring a product with a higher specification and price. Nh Jewelry will not make any changes or returns  of one product for another with a lower price.  

In the event that due to any situation external to us, such as disconnection of the collection servers or an amount that is incorrectly collected, Nh Jewelry will review it and if it is verifiable, the amount that has been incorrectly collected will be reimbursed. If this happens, we recommend that you do not try the purchase again until you are sure, communicating with your card issuing bank that the payment has not been made, if it was made, let us know by sending an email to with a proof of the transaction and we will gladly follow up.


Currently we do not have total or partial returns, only exchanges. If you have any  doubt write to us at


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