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Welcome to the HOO-MAN experience,


My name is Nahum Navarro, I have more than 12 years of  experience in the field of industrial design and in the production and design of fine jewelry.  I worked for about 8 years in an important jewelry chain in Mexico, notably excelling in the  creation and conceptualization of high jewelery pieces.  Participant  at fairs  like Vicenza Oro, in Italy,  with  reports  and articles on OnceTv, El Financiero, Milenio Tv, gave me guidelines for  be a lecturer of  the University of the Valley of Mexico and to be able to have the support of TDM Solutions (Rhinogold), who recommend me worldwide from their website.  


This is my personal project, where together with a great team,  we transform  the elements and raw material, merging them with abstractions from daily life.  

At HOO-MAN, we seek to give you fresh ideas with avant-garde design, using our philosophy of life, experiences and industrial design.

We are sure that at HOO-MAN we will captivate you with at least one of our select pieces, from minds and Mexican hands.

- Industrial Designer.  Nahum Navarro.


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